Living Intentionally


One of the challenges presented last Sunday at Smoky Row Brethren Church was summed up in the question, “Do you live intentionally?” Intentionality requires a goal, an objective (and for my fellow teachers) a learning target. What’s your outcome and how does that shape who you are today? Everyone in attendance was asked to consider those practices we do that move us closer to the purpose God has in mind.

JeffWhitesideTo even tackle this issued requires a belief in God, that he is approachable and that we can know what his expectations are.

I took several ideas away from Sunday’s message. The chief was the call to live intentionally; despite where the believer finds him or herself. Does God have expectations for his people if one is a believer huddled in a war-torn Iraqi basement as he does for a believer comfortably ensconced in an easy chair in suburban Columbus Ohio? Perhaps, but nobody needs to go to such extremes to find out how intentional a Christian should be about his or her faith.

My students constantly hear me remind them that whatever they practice they get good at. When pushed, I’ll suggest it applies to homework, housework, sports, and healthy habits. It also applies to how one lives life. Christians especially need to consider this challenge. Paul reminded the believers in Philippi “Whatever you have learned or received or heard from me, or seen in me—put it into practice. And the God of peace will be with you” (Philippians 4:9). It’s an exhortation to intentionally put into practice those habits that leave a positive impact on each individual.

Pastor Rich was specific about being transformed; transformed into the image of Christ. This takes time. This also takes commitment and practice. Becoming a Christian away from the structure and programs offered by your church community also takes perseverance. Transformation happens best when the believer is well-rooted in Scripture, the Spirit, and the Church. Whatever the believer practices in the safe womb at home is what they will likely continue when they’re away.

~ Post written by Jeff Whitside

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