Author Feature: Ben Trube


Ben Trube is a writer and blogger who blogs three times a week on [BTW] Ben Trube, Writer on writing, technology, or whatever strikes him at the moment. He’s been a member Ben Trubeof Smoky Row Brethren Church on and off since he was five. His first memory of the church is a group of church people taking his parents and him bowling right after they moved to Columbus. He stepped over the line, did the splits which he was not designed for, and broke his thigh and was in a cast for 10 weeks during which he got to experience the warmth and generosity of the congregation first hand. He didn’t bowl for 11 years, but has since come to love the sport, and his company bowling tournament is a yearly treat.

Ben has been married for five years to his wife Hannah who he affectionately refers to as “The Little Red Haired Girl”. Ben and Hannah were the first couple Rich married, a wedding our pastor is unlikely to forget. They live in Columbus with their dog Simon and cat Dax.

Ben attended The Ohio State University, earning a degree in Computer Science and works as a programmer professionally. At OSU Ben sang in the Ohio State Men’s Glee club as a Baritone and has from time to time participated in the community choir led by his high-school director, Cappriccio.

Ben has self-published one book, with another due in summer 2014. The first is a book on fractal art and programming, Fractals: A Programmer’s Approach, and the second is a noir/technological mystery set in Columbus.

Ben is really excited about where this blog can go. We’ve got a lot of great writers here, and have already received some great feedback. Ben would like to thank everyone who’s signed up so far and encourages anyone to like, comment or share any of these posts!


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