Author Feature: Brenda Colijn


Brenda Colijn is ordained in the Brethren Church.  She serves on the pastoral staff at Smoky Row Brethren Church and teaches theology at Ashland Theological Seminary.  Her spiritual journey took her through several different denominations and independent churches before she found her home in the Anabaptist/Brethren tradition.  She has been involved in Smoky Row Brethren Church since 1983, when the congregation was just three years old.

Brenda Colijn photo smallBrenda is married to Henk Colijn, and they have two grown children.  Although she grew up near Pittsburgh, PA, Brenda moved to Columbus, Ohio with Henk in the fall of 1982.  So she’s now a Buckeye, having lived in Columbus longer than she’s lived anywhere else.  This conversion was cemented through her husband’s employment at Ohio State University and her daughter’s graduation from OSU.

In her professional development, Brenda studied English at the undergraduate and graduate level, which left her with an abiding love of great literature, an appreciation for ambiguity, and a nagging perfectionism about writing.  Her later graduate degree in theology taught her the importance of asking questions, thinking carefully, and coming to nuanced conclusions that are open to revision.  She has been influenced by writers as diverse as C. S. Lewis, Jurgen Moltmann, N. T. Wright, Richard Foster, Henri Nouwen, C. J. Cherryh, and Terry Pratchett.

Brenda enjoys reading, writing, walking, riding her recumbent bike, talking about theology, engaging with science fiction in any format, and playing the occasional video game.  She has published a book with InterVarsity Press called Images of Salvation in the New Testament.  She is new to blogging.


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