Watch This Space


Welcome to”Going Deeper”!

The purpose of this blog is to continue the conversation we start each Sunday morning, to take the word of God into the work week and our everyday lives. Scripture can sometimes seem very disconnected from life as we experience it today. This blog is one small effort to change that perception.

Ben TrubeWe’ll be posting three times a week on Tuesdays, Thursdays (or sometimes Wednesday) and Fridays. Our contributors are all part of the congregation at Smoky Row Brethren Church, some of whom you may also know from other blogs on WordPress. Ben Trube (pictured) writes about writing, technology and fractals over at [BTW] Ben Trube, Writer as well as working as the new administrator of this blog. Matthew Black writes about sports and the gifts of God over at The South Side story. Bob Trube blogs about books and whatever else is on his mind over at Bob on Books. Brenda Colijn is a professor at Ashland Theological Seminary and author of the book Images of Salvation in the New Testament. Jeff Whiteside is an associate pastor, worship leader and teacher in Olentangy Schools.

We’re looking forward to this opportunity to reflect on God throughout the week. We hope you’ll join the conversation by liking, commenting or following this blog.

3 thoughts on “Watch This Space

  1. anything that encourages faith and trust in Love, is good for everyone, so long as it includes everyone, best of luck, check out my blog, i have a picture of the man in the sky, it’s worth checking out, amen

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